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1. Who signs up for this series?

Many—often already doing great things in their work and lives—intuit that a rich life unfolds and develops over time and that doing one’s best work and living ‘a life that matters’ means periodically fine-tuning and re-calibrating.

Others have only a vague sense of how to answer the question “What Should I Do with My Life?” (Plenty of people start here.)  They realize that they could easily sleep their lives away, never opening to their true powers, and they’re looking for a thoughtful sequence of questions and insights to discover them.  (This includes parents who recognize the life-changing value of helping their children claim their blueprint early.)

Some arrive ‘burned out,’ bored, depressed.  They sense they’ve been doing work better suited for others.  Or, they’ve been blessed with things that once resonated, but now they feel they’re wilting on the vine and need to discover what their ‘conversation with life’ is now. 

Everyone has his/her own reasons, but they all recognize that a joyful, meaningful life rarely ‘just happens’ and that becoming the person we were meant to be is one of life’s most joyful, worthy pursuits.

2. Four days, even the option of two days, is quite a commitment for someone as busy as me.  Why don’t you make the series shorter?

We’ve offered half-day workshops, one-day workshops, two-day workshops, and ongoing workshops and these experiences have demonstrated that a minimum of two days is optimal to introduce foundational material.  Thirteen or twenty-five workshop hours in the context of the average American lifespan is well worth it to enhance the remaining 688,000 hours.

3. What if I know someone in the workshops?  Will I need to reveal personal information?

The decision what to share or how to participate is always yours.  In addition, we’re aware that people have varied learning and interaction styles, so we’ve designed the workshops to honor and accommodate individual differences including the fact that some of us are extroverts and some of us are introverts.

4. Why don’t you offer ‘career’ tests?

We do offer the opportunity to take a well-researched assessment.  But, oftentimes, people arrive in our workshops because they’ve already taken these tests and they haven’t helped much.  In our view, discovering a calling and identifying your well-lived life involves much more:  It’s one of the few sacred journeys left in our profane culture.

5. Do you push us to change?  I’m concerned that I’ll be pushed to make changes I’m not ready for or can’t make right now.

We have enough pressure in our lives.  We may encourage you, but ‘pushing’ is not our thing. We trust that you’ll sense when (or whether) to change.  We’re here to accompany you at a pace you set. 

6. Do you offer anything once we complete the “What Should I Do with My Life?” series?

Yes, a free, optional follow-up; optional individual sessions; and opportunities to keep exploring via a monthly group, TBA. 

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