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One-on-one consultation is available for $120 per hour for anyone who first completes Part 1 & Part 2 of the “What Should I Do with My Life?” series.

To set up an appointment, please email Nancy Spence at this address: nancy.spence.cincinnati@gmail.com.

sample feedback

▪ You have had a profound effect on me, Nancy. Thank you so much for living your own ikigai and inspiring others to find their bliss. –K.D.
▪ I can't imagine how many times you've heard the words ‘thank you.’ I spent a long time feeling lost and frustrated, not knowing how to get myself where I wanted to be. I bounced among jobs, never seeming to fit in and quickly getting bored. I always would ask for a clue or hint to lead me in the right direction. I finally got that when we met. You helped me gradually peel away what was obstructing my ability to remember and act on my passions and to unite who I am and the work I'm meant to do. You introduced me to myself, saw things in me while I learned them along the way for myself. You have been a huge anchor for me. I respect you and truly appreciate your knowledge of life ... your dedication to people, and your positive, encouraging soul. You are a very important and special person who has tremendously impacted my life.” –unsolicited letter from K.F.
▪ I continue to see you as my lights in the woods. (Have you seen the Disney movie, Brave? She sees lights in the forest that lead her to her ‘destiny,’ and the very first time I saw it, it made me think of you).... You’re an amazing guide in this way.–unsolicited email from K. L.
▪ Maya Angelou has died... Right off the bat I wondered how Oprah was doing.... Maya was to Oprah what you are to me; I would say ‘primary mentor,’ but godmother sounds so much better.... I just wanted to email you and let you know, in all the ways I can, that you're my Maya....from the heart.–unsolicited email from K.F.
▪ I just want to tell you what a beautiful thing it is to watch you connect people with their ikigai. It’s like X is the poster child for this kind of love and positive change in the world. And although he did the hard work, and hard work it was, you helped him uncover the map. And that is so gorgeous, so inspiring, so deeply moving to watch. Your life’s work, your reading, your travels, all benefit others in such a deep way. You are an inspiring and beautiful (and you know I don’t mean that in a superficial way) human being. I am so profoundly grateful to have been able to watch you work your magic in this life. --unsolicited text from K.L.
For more feedback, see “what people are saying."

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