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It has been a very long time since I've felt so enlivened by a teacher--your work is an absolute gift. Truly transformative.

Unbelievable!!! I know I’m not the only one who was blown away. I’m so excited to continue riding the momentum of this wave you’ve created.

F-ing amazing. As a whole, it could only be made better by what we’re trying to do...prolong the magic. Also, I just want to make it available to all my friends.

I’m so glad I found your workshop. One of the best experiences I have had.

You see me and see soooo many. I mean SEE!  To the core. To the depths that I may not even see in myself. Thanks so much for mirroring these insights back to me.

I can’t say enough good about this.

This group has been a saving grace for me over the past year. Thank you for being my listening ears, my sounding board, my reflection, and for holding me accountable. You have touched my life in ways I could never explain... I've grown more, given more of myself ... and experienced more love from both others and myself than ever before. ...I know I'm on my way.

Has opened my eyes and heart on so many levels. I feel like I have gained a whole new family.

Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity. It provided a home, a safe place or anchor from which to move forward in my life.

A skillfully led, deep exploration. Inspirational and practical.

A great breakthrough for me!

You’ll never look at anything the same way again.

I would encourage everyone to attend this workshop—whether or not you think you need it.

I shall always hold this experience as one of the most invaluable events of my life.

I'm usually skeptical of this sort of thing, but it was excellent.

I'm telling everyone I know to make time for this workshop. They won't regret it.

A great workshop … thought-provoking and insight-stimulating.

Amazing session!

I looked so forward to our sessions together. Nancy Spence, you are a quintessential leader/ teacher/ mentor. Truly gifted. Truly.

A uniquely rich experience. Very grounded. I came into it knowing I was in transition and feeling devalued in my current position. The workshop gave me safe and sacred space to begin this transition. Wonderful work!

Your workshop helped me get my head on straight.


Loved it so much. It sparked a lot in me I'd forgotten.

Thought-provoking and eye-opening! New doors have been opened.

Had me discovering stuff I didn't even know was there. Thank you!

I now truly feel I can change my life and live meaningfully.

I felt comfortable immediately (in the surroundings and with Nancy Spence). Thanks for the intimate and nurturing setting. Awesome!

Loved the facilitators' styles—great with organization and presentation.

Great, inspiring work!

I truly feel lucky to be exposed to the great body of work and the sacred space you keep alive.

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